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Accreditation Information

BOPP Accredidation

The British Ornamental Plant Producers (BOPP) set up an accreditation scheme in 1996 to establish a quality standard for wholesale bedding plant, hanging basket and planted container production, and Baginton Nurseries Ltd were among the first producers in the U.K. to gain accreditation in February 1997. The nursery has been inspected regularly by the independent inspectorate since then, and has gained an accreditation certificate each year up to the present time, achieving no non-conformities .

BOPP - The British Ornamental Plant Producers' Certification Scheme (BOPP) has been designed for use by growers and packers of ornamental horticultural products. Baginton Nurseries Ltd were one of the first growers to achieve BOPP accreditation and we continue to be annually audited against the BOPP standard. BOPP assesses all aspects of our business and drives professionalism and sustainability. Audits look at our employment criteria, staff training, crop management, environmental responsibility, record keeping and traceability. This means that our customers can have faith in the quality, safety and consistency of our products and service.

The scheme aims to set high standards of professionalism in the way in which certificated businesses operate and through unbiased and effective evaluation, by an United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) accredited certification body where applicable, to ensure that these standards are maintained. The ultimate objective is to ensure that customers can have complete confidence in both product and service when dealing with BOPP Certificated suppliers.

BOPP has brought many changes and improvements to the way Baginton Nurseries Ltd now run their business. The systems and records required for BOPP have established good nursery practice and improved traceability, making it possible to implement strategies and business objectives more easily.

Access to information regarding our business procedures and policies are made transparent and customers are able to quickly establish a comfortable working relationship.

The auditing of Baginton Nurseries Ltd is governed by the grower standard and is now separated into the following main sections: -

  • Senior Management Commitment, Organisational Structure, Responsibilities & Management Authority
  • Cultivation
  • Quality Management System
  • Product Development
  • Site Standards
  • Physical Product Contamination Control
  • Transport
  • Trading Conditions
  • Staff Training and Employment Requirements
  • Health and Safety
  • Sustainability
  • Membership of the scheme has involved staff throughout all levels of the business and the standards achieved have helped to instil a sense of pride and achievement amongst staff.

    Our customers, which include, local authorities, landscape and grounds maintenance businesses, hotels, pubs ,garden centres and retail stores and many other trade businesses all benefit from being supplied by Baginton Nurseries Ltd, a BOPP Accredited Nursery.

    More information about BOPP can be found at



                      Quality Management Policy Baginton Nurseries LimitedQuality Management Statement  Baginton Nurseries Limited was established in 1981 to provide quality bedding plants to the horticultural industry. We are based in Baginton,Coventry and employ up to 15  people during the main Spring Summer Season.Quality is important to our business because we value our customers. We strive to provide our customers with products and services which meet and even exceed their expectations.We are committed to continuous improvement and have established a Quality Management System which provides a framework for measuring and improving our performance.We have the following systems and procedures in place to support us in our aim of total customer satisfaction and continuous improvement throughout our business:1.     regular gathering and monitoring of customer feedback2.     a customer complaints procedure3.     selection and performance monitoring of suppliers against set criteria4.     training and development for our employees5.     regular audit of our internal processes6.     measurable quality objectives which reflect our business aims7.     management reviews of audit results, customer feedback and complaints Our internal procedures are reviewed regularly is made available to all employees meetings.This policy is posted on the Company Notice Board and on our website and can also be found in the staff handbook.Though the Managing Director has ultimate responsibility for Quality all employees have a responsibility within their own areas of work so helping to ensure that Quality is embedded within the whole of the company.MISSION STATEMENT To provide our customers with a range of quality plants, hanging baskets and plantedcontainers through exceptional expertise & commitment to innovation, service, valueand environment, in a mutually profitable relationship.We will achieve this within a business culture of dignity and respect for ouremployees, facilities and long term partnerships with our customers and suppliers

    The development of our staff will be critical to our success. Every opportunity will be taken to maximise each individuals potential within the business.



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